Anchovy and Garlic Pasta

This is one of those recipes that you will either love or hate, hahahaha. Anchovies are not for everyone but I LOVE them. I’ve been meaning to share with you this Anchovy and Garlic Pasta recipe for some time now so I am excited that it is finally hitting the blog!


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A week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Being able to get away on vacation is always so nice. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is where we were married almost 6 years ago and a fond go-to vacation spot for my husband’s family.

Fall DIY Pumpkins

I love being able to buy pumpkins and decorating them. This year, I bought some small pumpkins and decided to spray paint them. I am really happy by how cute these fall DIY pumpkins turned out!

ANNAdventure Celebrates one Year with a Giveaway!

I cannot believe that one year has passed since I started ANNAdventure. Blogging is not new to me because I blogged for my old photo business and then I had a food blog (OMG Yum!) which I rolled into ANNAdventure.

Peach Marmalade Recipe

Hellooooo dear friends! I absolutely LOVE peaches and I am so happy that Colorado has AMAZING peaches! When I lived in Virginia my favorite time of year was peach season! I loved going to the farmers market and buying fresh peaches however the best time was when we could go pick them ourselves. When I…

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Home sweet home

We bought a home! I know that I have been talking about it for a bit now but I’ve finally putting together a blog post about our new place. As I sorted through these “before” photos I found myself thinking how weird it was to see our house naked.

Cod Salad: An easy and healthy meal.

Happy Labor Day! Wow! Where has time gone? I realize that I have been away for a while but that is because… we decided to buy a house! With house buying and starting a full time job, I’ve barely had the time to THINK about my blog.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre Walk

Ever since Adam and I bought our Fitbits we’ve been on this “walk more” quest. Honestly though, its hard to live in Colorado and NOT walk, be active or be fit. Its basically impossible LOL. One of our weekend walks happened to be at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.  Little did I know that Red…

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